You Probably Know Your Sun Sign, but What About Your Moon Sign?

When people ask “what’s your sign?” they’re usually asking about your sun sign. While your sun sign is important when trying to understand where you stand astrologically, there are other variables that contribute to your unique expressions and attributes –

Aligned Signs: We’re Not Your Typical Relationship Site

Let’s face it: dating sites have become pretty ubiquitous over the past decade. Even if you’ve never found yourself searching for a mate online, it’s likely that your favorite TV show has at one point been interrupted by a man

Earth, Water, Air and Fire: A Guide to Understanding Your Sign Compatibility

Express Yourself When people ask, “What sign are you?”  they are referring to your sun sign. The sun sign in astrology is significant to how you express yourself. While novice astrologers might confuse expression with personality (though it is true

Learning From the Myers-Briggs® Assessment

Stay Connected –          The Myers-Briggs ® assessment is a personality questionnaire that has its roots in World War II, when it was first drafted in order to place women into jobs that they would be well-suited for in the industrial

Business Success And Positive Thinking

Stay Connected –          The concept of using positive thinking to help you succeed in business, although referred to in The Science of Getting Rich (1910) by New Thought author Wallace Wattle (1860-1911), owes much of its popular application to Norman

Five Ways to Increase Happiness

Stay Connected –          Happiness is relative in the sense that everyone defines it differently. For some people, happiness is nothing more than a healthy family and food on the dinner table. For others, happiness is defined by success and wealth.

What Your Western Astrology Sun Sign Says About You

Many people take great interest in learning about their Western Astrology because it helps them better understand themselves as well as others. The astrology is the band of constellations through which the Sun, Moon, and planets move across the sky. Your

Mind-Body Healing: The Power of Positive Thinking

Stay Connected –          For centuries, the process of healing has been considered the responsibility of the medical profession. While to many, this has meant relying on doctors and medical professionals, this has not always been the case. Throughout time, people

Astrology And Tarot, An Interesting Combination: Part I

Practitioners of Western astrology have long applied their findings in conjunction with other forms of divination or esoteric studies. One of the more interesting potential combinations is astrology and Tarot. It is a means of providing both character analysis and

The Power of Positive Thinking And Athletic Success

Stay Connected –          Athletes face a difficult task. They need to believe in themselves. They must accept as true that they can win the competition. When an athlete begins to doubt his or herself, the result can be a poor

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