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We are well aware that our astrological signs can offer insight as to what makes us tick, how we love, and other quirky characteristics. Each zodiac sign is responsible for ruling certain body parts, which can affect your health and how you should exercise. When a sign “rules” certain parts of the body, it is in your best interest to avoid activities that could potentially harm that body part. With the information given for each sign below, you can compare yourself to the characteristics listed and figure out workouts that work best for your lifestyle and personality traits.


Aries like to focus heavily on their body muscles, face, and brain health. Most Aries are known to be diligent when it comes to working out, because they are aware that it boosts your mood and reduces stress levels. Aries are extremely competitive, and enjoy working out with others. They should avoid workouts that could potentially leave them feeling angry. Aries should not push their limits or expect results to happen overnight. Aries also enjoy spinning and weight lifting.


The body parts that a Taurus places high importance on are their necks and vocal chords. Taureans love comfort and food; therefore exercise can seem like a chore. They gain weight easily with age, so working out on a regular basis is essential. Small exercises such as doing yoga at home or stretching in a park are workouts that could offer many positive benefits. Taureans should stick to light activities such as walking or Pilates. Nature is stimulating to you so any light workouts that can be done outdoors on a nice day will lead to a clear mind. Since Taurus’ enjoy being at home, so completing their workouts in the comfort of their own homes via workout dvd’s or equipment is enjoyable to them.


A Gemini’s arm muscles such as their biceps, triceps, and forearms are what they normally place higher emphasis on when working out. The typical Gemini enjoys keeping their lifestyles busy, which could be a great way to stay fit with minimal effort. Gemini’s should avoid a set routine as they can easily get bored. Create a playlist that will keep your workout fun!. At home workouts are not ideal for Gemini since they will quickly loose motivation, and get sidetracked. Group exercises/sports and gymnastics are also great workout choices for Gemini.



Cancers concentrate mostly on their breast muscles, abdominals, and their back. Caner’s have no problem sticking to a routine workout over a given period of time. They are great at focusing on shredding pounds before a special event, the healthy way. A workout buddy works in Cancer’s favor, but they must be able to remain dedicated while working out. Cancer signs enjoy water sports. Ironically enough, Michael Phelps happens to be a cancer as well. Cancers love the water, arm and leg movements come easy to you.


The main body parts that Leo focuses on most when working out are their lumbar, spine, and heart. Leo’s enjoy keeping active and exercise on a regular basis. Exercising in public is treated like a social event to Leo’s, they can become distracted easily. Since Leo’s are recognized as people who take charge, trying out classes at the gym is not recommended. Leo’s should choose exercises where they have complete control of their routine, but involves other people as well. They love adventure so going for a jog or run in the park allows them to feel free and show off to the other joggers they see in passing.


Virgo’s tend to focus mostly on their nervous system when working out. Their goal post workout is to feel calm and refreshed. Virgos enjoy keeping fit like to stay fit, but their interest to do so comes from their desires to come across as healthy individuals. With a high amount of energy, Virgo’s enjoy activities that will keep them moving at a quick pace. Sports that they find enjoyable are motorcycling, football, and ice hockey will hold their interest. Virgo’s prefer exercising outdoors over a gym because they enjoy being outside as much as possible. Virgo’s are also competitive individuals so high endurance sports are usually appealing to them.


The body parts that Libra’s pay the most attention to when exercising are their buttocks and lower back. Libra’s prefer low-key workouts that will leave them feeling rejuvenated once they are complete. Cardio done at a low speed or stretching will help Libra relax and alleviate stress. They are not fans of weight lifting, and should avoid heavy lifting at a fast pace. You can easily experience, so be sure not to overwhelm yourself during your workouts. A reliable gym buddy will help Libra stay motivated, but remember that your goal is to feel better about yourself and maybe shed a few pounds, not to socialize.


Scorpios are known to be the most sexual sign. Ironically enough they tend to focus on their reproductive organs and pelvic muscles the most when working out. Scorpios are known to be intense, so they enjoy fitness activities that include intense movement where they can show off their competitive side. High-intensity cardio activities with peaks of high energy are also very appealing to Scorpio’s, because it keeps their workout fun! Additional workouts that can be enjoyable are mixed martial arts and running outdoors. Since Scorpios require alone time on a regular basis, they may also get a better overall workout when alone at a gym or park. It is also important that Scorpio’s don’t skip their cool down after working out. They can become easily overwhelmed if quickly jumping from one exercise to the next without taking a few minutes to relax.



A Sagittarius focuses mostly on their thighs and leg muscles during their workouts. Sagittarians enjoy working out on a regular basis, and prefer outdoor activities over staying indoors. Cycling and biking are excellent workout options for a Sagittarius. Since they focus heavily on their leg strength, performing various leg stretches are found to be enjoyable. Breathing deeply during exercises is also important to keep stamina high. Since Sagittarius’s’ enjoy being around people, they will benefit from having a dedicated workout partner to keep them motivated.


Capricorns focus on their bone health over any particular body part. Capricorns are not the type that expects instant gratification after their workouts, so their endurance level is important. Since people of this sign take great care of their joints and skeletal structure, it is recommended that they move at a slower pace in order to avoid joint impact. Capricorns find outdoor forms of exersicing enjoyable such as walking uphill or exploring a reservation filled with mountains, this also satisfy their needs of challenging themselves. Jogging indoors or outdoors or simply walking are good options for Capricorn.


An Aquarius places high emphasis on their legs including their thighs and calves. Aquarians don’t like feeling restricted, the more unique the exercise, the more they will find it enjoyable. Skydiving and extreme sports are also a good fit, but dancing also works well because of the freedom of movement involved. Since Aquarians tend to get tired easily after eating, they should avoid eating too much starch, especially before a workout. Training for long distance runs and triathlons are also a good idea since they can be done at an individual’s unique pace.


Piceans focus mostly on their overall health during a workout. Pices are known for being the athletic type, any strenuous activities should be avoided from their workouts. Options like cycling, zumba, and yoga work well for Pieces. They are known to experience foot problems so they are known to take extended breaks during their workouts until they are completely healed.Piceans are born water loves so swimming is another great exercise that they find enjoyable and relaxing. After their workout is complete, there is nothing they find more enjoyable than a relaxing few minutes in a steam sauna.

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