Once in a person’s lifetime, they’ve have checked how their life will pan out from the past to the present, and in the future. There are a lot of ways to know what will happen in your life. It can be based on facts such that looking at the statistical numbers and figures of your life will tell you how much you’ve grown in terms of finance or the growth of your current business.


However, astrology is the other option. By looking at the position of the stars and planets, you’ll know what the future holds. It’s all about the alignments of the stars planets. Your zodiac sign can be on a specific planet and its moon.


On the other hand, numerology is about giving meaning to significant numbers in your life. Your favorite number, your birthday, your home address, or simply the order of your birth. By identifying a certain pattern with these figures, it can describe your life in general and make predictions.


When combined, astronumerology is finding the numerical equivalent of your name. Now, the number you end up with corresponds to a planet. Here’s the number-planet correspondence:


  • 1 Sun
  • 2 Moon
  • 3 Jupiter
  • 4 Uranus
  • 5 Mercury
  • 6 Venus
  • 7 Neptune
  • 8 Saturn
  • 9 Mars


This interpretation is based on the Chaldean system of numerology. This is different from the Pythagorean one. Other people also call this as the “Mystic Numerology.”


The main difference between these two systems of numerology is the name you use. For Chaldean, you can use the name you’re known for or what the people around you address you. While for Pythagorean, it should be the name given at birth.


If you read further about the Chaldean system of numerology, there are no letters assigned to number 9 because it’s considered as a holy and heavenly number.


So what are you waiting for? Look up the numerical value of your name and see which planet is assigned to you.


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