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Myers-Briggs® Personality – Why Do We Use It?

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment is considered one of the premiere personality assessments of all times. It’s a psychometric questionnaire conceived to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and arrive at decisions.


These preferences were first extracted from the typological theories proposed by Carl Jung and first published in his 1921 book, Psychological Types. He concluded that there are four principal psychological functions by which people experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking, one of which is dominant most of the time.


The initial questionnaire evolved into the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator, which was first published in 1962 and focused on normal populations. It continues to this day to emphasize the value of naturally occurring differences, and its premise lies in the belief that we all have specific preferences in the way we construe our experiences, and these preferences are the foundation to our interests, needs, values, and motivation.


Millions of people have taken the MBTI® assessment (which is actually a psychological instrument rather than a personality test) and, unlike a typical test, it has no right and wrong answers. Instead, the MBTI® identifies personality types based on a sliding scale type partiality one way or another, in each category. There are 16 different personality types possible, with each person’s disposition expressed as a four-letter code.

What is your Personality Type? Not sure? Find out here.

The Myers-Briggs® personality types are classified as:

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ISTJ - "The Duty Fulfillers" ISFJ - "The Nurturers" INFJ - "The Protectors"

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INTJ - "The Scientists"
ISTP - "The Mechanics" ISFP - "The Artists"

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INFP - "The Idealists" INTP - "The Thinkers" ESTP - "The Doers"

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ESFP - "The Performers"
ENFP - "The Inspirers" ENTP - "The Visionaries"{#/pub/images/estjhead.jpg} {#/pub/images/esfjhead.jpg} {#/pub/images/enfjhead.jpg}
ESTJ - "The Guardians"
ESFJ - "The Caregivers" ENFJ - "The Givers"


ENTJ - "The Executives"


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