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Western Astrology


The origin of Astrology is said to go back to the days of Atlantis: 11,000 BC, and has continued to flourish through the times of Babylon, Ancient Greece, and Rome.  The theory of Astrology is based on the fact that when a star or planet such as the sun or the moon changes position, it produces an affect on the rest of the solar system.  Science does not dispute this “school of thought” only from the perspective of affecting humanity in any significant way. The phases of the moon control the tides in conjunction with the position of the sun, which affects the breeding cycles and habits of the fish, then affecting the economics of the fishing industry and the prosperity of those involved in it.   


This example is then also proof of Cause and Effect, which is partly a  definition of Karma.  Humans are approximately 98% water; it would seem to make sense that humans are also affected by the cycles of the moon.  The same also applies to the movement of the other planets in the solar system. As they change position, we too feel the affects as a result of the vibrations of electromagnetic energy around us.  The reality of astrology and the way it works comes down to the fact that it’s how each person responds to the movement of the planets that ultimately creates the Affect.


It is said that in 165 BC, the Ancient Greeks created the name Zodiac to describe Astrology.  The word Zodiac is derived from the Greek word Zodiakos, the word Zonion (animal) and Kokos (circle).  These two words together basically mean Circle of Animals. This circle is then divided into twelve signs and symbols that represent an uninterrupted flowing cycle of life and growth. Each sign is classified by its quality, element, and polarity.  In Western Astrology there are four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, in conjunction with the fact that each sign has a positive or negative polarity.

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