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About Aligned Signs

Who We Are

At Aligned Signs, we believe self-awareness is the foundation for all meaningful relationships. Our mission is to put you in touch with yourself.


Our approach involves three time-withstanding methods: Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac, and the Myers-Briggs® type indicator. Combining ancient wisdom with modern-day psychology, we help you understand your character, preferences and unique way of thinking. After equipping you with new insight, we give you the opportunity to connect with others who complement the true you.

Why is self-awareness so important?

Research finds that deep human connection requires a willingness to be vulnerable. This is never easy. By definition, being vulnerable means actively putting yourself at risk for attack. Yet, we are absolutely convinced that meaningful human connection is worth this risk.

At Aligned Signs, we have found that when we recognize the beauty in our character and even embrace our own shortcomings, it becomes easier to be our authentic selves. In other words, self-awareness gives you the confidence to just be you. When you experience the freedom to be yourself, you’ll find that the connections you formwhether in networking, friendships, or romancehave a greater potential to thrive and endure.


{#/pub/images/fbprofile.png}Peacock: The peacock is the symbol of integrity. The logo was chosen to represent the honest and true nature to one’s self. By being whole in character, one can lead a more fulfilling life. 

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