Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Sometimes, that’s counterproductive.

Question: What is one task you’ve learned to outsource or delegate?

Non-Integral Tasks

“We like to stick to what we’re good at, so any task that is temporary, routine or less expensive to have someone out of the office complete, we outsource. Currently Aligned Signs outsources our public relations arm. We have found that to be most beneficial because we get an outsider’s perspective on how to improve how others view us and gather insider feedback all at the same time.”

Scheduling Appointments

“Probably one business task that will never go away is scheduling. Even with the advent of automated technology solutions, sometimes simple human interaction makes scheduling so much easier. Yet it can still be time consuming. Delegating this simple task to either staff support teams or a virtual assistant has saved me countless hours.”

General Accounting

“I wish I would have had someone doing the books from day one. That was one job I should have delegated sooner. Having the numbers organized in an accurate and meaningful way really makes managing your business’ health much easier. You can’t delegate the strategy, but you should get some help so that you have accurate money information to base your strategy on.”

Onboarding New Customers

“I never thought I would outsource sales demos and user onboarding calls. It seemed like these tasks are ideally done by a founder. I was wrong. I found someone who’s better at them than I and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Product Roadmap Planning

“I recognized that it was important for the product to be iterating, and continuously evolving to match the requests of customers, users and the market — quickly. Handing off the product roadmap and execution of our platform allowed me to focus on the frontlines at the macro level (market, funding, sales) for the business. “

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