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Destress and relax your mindWe all know the fast-paced world we live in, the pollution that we face, the worries that we go through…it can be overwhelming.

Stress is a reaction to something that disturbs or disrupts our physical or mental equilibrium. “Try not thinking a single thought! Stop the talk in your head!” These statements are much more difficult to accomplish than it sounds.

Reducing the negative effects of it is a matter of attitude and way of life. It is not an activity that you put on your to-do list. If anything, it defeats the purpose. So, we have created a list of suggestions to help find what works best for you!

1) Stress-buster number 1: Every hour, ‘go blank’ for 5 minutes. The ‘blank’ can be anything you find relaxing, whether it’s taking a walk, closing your eyes, doing a few stretches, or caressing something soft and fuzzy.

2) Take a hot shower and grab your hair from their roots. Pull them up and feel the burdens leaving the body, albeit with some pain. Then use your fingertips to rub the whole of your scalp. Rub hard. This helps circulation. The nerves too are stimulated. Try it, and imagine getting a head massage in a private steam room.

3) In the morning, instead of having coffee, have a shot of ginseng. It ignites the metabolism like other morning beverages, but it also reduces anxiety.

4) Taking in more oxygen helps you stay fresh and alert. Lie down or find a yoga pose that feels most comfortable and focus on a few slow deep breaths.  Or, pump up your heart beat and do some jumping jax, run in place, or jump rope for ten minutes.

5) The sense of ‘smell’ has the most direct linkage with our brain. Smelling a familiar scent can trigger memories or ignite hunger pains. Yet it is probably the most neglected of our 5 senses. Stop and smell the roses, or pick up some oils to take you on a miniature vacation to your favorite place.  Some relaxing fragrances include Jasmine, lavender or Tube Rose. You can buy one on your way to work and keep on your desk.

6) There are specialized techniques of acupressure to aid in decompression. Again it is something that you can do anywhere. There is a specific spot on your palm—between the thumb and the forefinger. Press it for three seconds; do five repetitions. Then change hands and do the same on the other palm. Massaging every single toe on your feet or rolling your feet over a golf ball also has the same effect of relieving tension.

7) For people with outgoing personalities, calling up and chatting with friends or loved ones has a comforting effect.

8) If you are of an introvert, put in your earplugs and listen to your favorite song. Music can have a pacifying feeling of connection and pleasure all at the same time.

9) But regardless of your personality type or taste, laughing is the surest way to remove strain by relaxing your muscles and stimulating your mind. It is a manifestation of pleasure itself! Read jokes or go online and watch a few minutes of a stand-up comedian to amuse yourself with silly thoughts.

10) When you are restless or edgy, the body tends to release a lot of free radicals. To cleanse the body, you need anti-oxidants which absorb them. Make it a point to have a 1/2 glass of red wine with dinner. It is rich in protective anti-oxidants and great for circulation.

Take time out to relax and unwind!

Creating habits to reduce the amount of induced hassle in your life is also important. Be proactive and think of ways that can alleviate problems before they start.  For example:

1) Making sure your gas tank never falls into the “empty zone.” If you have a few minutes on your hands, go fill up the tank.

2) Put stuff in the same place every day when you get home (keys, wallet, etc) so you don’t go for a scavenger hunt on your way to work the next day.

3) Lay down as soon as you start feeling tired.  Keeping your mind fresh has a huge impact on cheerfulness, energy, and memory recall.

There has been much ado about de-stressing—but you don’t need expensive vacations or elaborate spa treatments to unwind. Consistent attention to doing simple things helps maintain healthy levels of stress and can give wonderful results.

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