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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

New Year 2014: What Will the Year of the Wood Horse Mean for You?

New Year 2014: What Will the Year of the Wood Horse Mean for You?

By Aligned Signs (1451 words)
Posted in Chinese Zodiac on January 8, 2014

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{#/pub/images/woodhorsesmall.png}From February 3rd, 2014 in United States Standard time zones, the Year of the Wooden Horse sets in as per Chinese Zodiac. The system comprises of 12 animals so the last time we had a Year of the Horse was back in 2002, but it was the Year of the Water Horse.  The Years of Horse go through a cycle of five elements and this time it is the turn of wood. The last Year of Wooden Horse was in 1954 and the next will be in 2074. There are exactly 60 years between the two.

How Zodiac can help you better know yourself and those around you:

The Chinese Zodiac looks upon the living beings and the universe around them as composed of five basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood. The analytical power of the system comes from examining the dominant components in any living being to give an idea about his or her behavior and thought process.

Because Chinese Zodiac has caught popular attention, most people know the years or signs of their birth. But for more accurate horoscope matching and predictive influences, it is good to know the element that you are born under as well. Among other things, it will also help you understand your zodiac compatibility with other signs.

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The animals Horse (Yang) and Snake (Yin) have Fire as their element. Ox & Sheep (Yin) and Dragon & Dog (Yang) fall under Earth. The wood element rules over the Rabbit (Yin) and the Tiger (Yang).Water holds over the Pig (Yin) and the Rat (Yang). Finally the two zodiac signs the Rooster (Yin) and the Monkey (Yang) are under Metal. If you are interested to read more about the elements, click here.

Create a positive future!

Fire Element Influence

Unlike other signs of the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse does not have extra luck in its year, instead it is viewed as a jinx.  People born in other horse years will do best keeping a low profile until 2014 quietly passes. There will be competition in most fields of life and it will be better to not take chances. On the upside, you will be in charge of handling a good deal of money this year but its best to keep it under wraps until the weather cools down.

For the other Fire sign, the Snake, who had a quiet Year in 2013, The Year of the Snake, it will be time to re-ignite the adventures in 2014. Love, career, finances; all is well this year! Professionally, there will be reward for hard-work and financially even risky investments will likely pay off.

Earth Element Influence

For those with the Earth as its element, the year will be of comfort. There will be unexpected gifts from friends, family, and loved ones.

Specifically for the Ox and Sheep there is Love is in air and on your side; this is an ideal time to find your special partner. By staying humble it’s more likely that long-term recognition will be noticed as the momentum of the hardwork put in last year, in the Year of the Snake, will lead to advancements this year.  So, financially, you should focus on long term stable investments.

The other two Earth animals, the Dog and the Dragon are likely to see a mixed year. Professionally, there will likely be more opportunities available for power and leadership.  However, with that there is competition and pressure.  Relationships are good this year, so stay modest and lean on others for recognition and your career will thrive. Don’t look to quick, short term goals for financial windfalls; be more in line with steady ongoing salaries or investments for income.

Quality friendships will blossom though and your social calendar will likely be filled with things you are excited about attending. There is a chance you will meet someone exceptional, especially if you are a woman. For married people, it will feel like your love compatibility is more in synch now. Do take care of your health as there might be freak injuries and minor illnesses throughout the year.


Wood Element Influence

Among the Wood signs, the Rabbit is set for a happy year! There will be big positive surprises. You will be the center of attention in your circle. Your decisions will be proven correct. You will be busy but you will enjoy your work. If any sort of venture is on your mind, then try it this year! You might have found yourself a bit lonely last year, but this year its quite the opposite as you are set to impress. Whatever love phase you are in, be prepared to advance to the next level.  Single – find a mate, dating – perhaps getting engaged, married- having a baby is now more possible.

The Tiger also shares a good relationship with the Horse and hence it will be stronger in all aspects in 2014 as well. You might find yourself earning a little extra income than you calculated, however it likely comes with a little more work load as well. Stay away from impulsive investments; they don’t serve you well in the long-term. Love is also likely to prosper, so long as you are put in the dedication and effort required to maintain it. Socially, keep an eye out for events that get you inhaling the outdoors and traveling, where you tend to flourish.

Water Element Influence

Amongst the water signs are the Pig and the Rat.

The Pig will have more mental stamina this year.  But the more you do, the more you make financially, so put your brain power to good use! If an opportunity opens up to be part of a venture with a close friend or relative, go for it, as it will likely have a meaningful outcome. Pay attention to your body and its needs, as the year will likely take a lot out of you. If you want to feel the love this year, you must first show your tender vulnerable side.

The other Water sign, the Rat, the year is going to be similar to last year. If it was good, that will continue into 2014, if it was lackluster, that will also continue. Be patient, relationships will likely take more effort on your part to work out misunderstandings or disagreements. Love is possible, just is better spent focused on you. At work demands for overtime and/or location change is likely. Try to stay open and flexible. Investments hold promise, so don’t give up hope on that financial windfall.

Metal Element Influence

For the Metal influenced Rooster, 2014 will be a great year. Your continued energy, courage, and dedication will be rewarded. Socially you will likely become more popular, utilize this to your advantage to get ahead at work and meet someone if you are single.  If you are in a relationship, it will likely strengthen the foundation. If there are two love relationships though, this is the time to focus on just one; otherwise they will both end up failing. Stay optimistic, 2014 is set to bring you much deserved happiness.

The Monkey is predisposed to have a busier and more stressful year in their financial pursuit, however use your intelligence and work smarter not harder. Compensation is there, you will have to be nimble with your investments. Physically, be especially careful to take care of yourself and health in the summer. Love and relationships are fair and status quo will be maintained. If you are adamant about having romance, you might have to look outside your current comfort zones to find someone special.

Want More? Check out our Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse 2014 infographic!


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