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How Do We Match for Compatibility?

Pairing you with your astrological match, Zodiac match, and Myers-Briggs® type indicator / MBTI® type match is just half of what Aligned Signs is all about. Our mission is to encourage you to discover, through self-awareness, the character traits, preferences, and unique way of thinking that not only puts you in touch with yourself, but also leads to thriving and enduring relationships of all kinds. Discovering your best fit result types enables us to help you find the most keen zodiac compatibility, astrology compatibility, overall personality compatibility, and so much more! {#/pub/images/astropluszodiacplusmbti1.bmp}We achieve this by implementing three time-proven methods: Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac, and the MBTI® type indicator. Ancient wisdom unites with modern-day psychology to bring about a clear picture of who you are, how your basic beliefs are defined, and the personality type that best enhances you and your lifestyle. 


By equipping you with this new insight of the real you and what makes you exceptional, you can then truly connect with others who complement your authenticity. It starts with the idea that you must know yourself first before beginning our comprehensive and effective process. 


Why is Matching Important for Dating, Relationships, and Friendships? 


We believe that complementary matching offers a systematic and logical foundation for the establishment of any type of relationship. 


Successful interaction is largely based upon an inherent ability for two people to successfully relate. We know that there are criteria “markers” that can be very significant in this regard. 

What are the Methods Used and What Is Their Influence on Compatibility? 

The Chinese Zodiac, which emerges from the Han Dynasty, is said to be more than 2,000 years old. Unlike Western Astrology, it’s divided into 12 cycles—years depicted by animals instead of months. The practice is primarily known because of the animals that represent each sign and the year that they are associated with. Simply stated, the animal assigned to a person by year depicts how that person is predisposition to present himself or herself to the rest of the world—and, in turn, how the world views that person. 

Add to that equation the Myers-Briggs® type indicator (MBTI®) assessment, which remains the most widely-used personality indicator—and you have the full spectrum of tools to help establish a foundation for your future relationship happiness. 

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