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3 Month Gift Membership

3 Months Gift Membership

Everything you need in one spot to find what you are truely looking for.


  • Free registration
  • Safe and fun online experience
  • Find out your Chinese Zodiac sign and gain a better understanding of the way you perceive yourself and your unique inherent qualities
  • Find out your Western Astrology sign and gain a better understanding of who you are on the outside and how you do things—in other words, the way you present yourself and act in public
  • Find out your MBTI® type and gain a better understanding of your type characteristics, how you interact with others, your strengths, and areas for growth
  • Take the authentic MBTI® assessment
    • Understand how the MBTI® works
    • Get your four-letter type results
    • Receive a three-page all-inclusive description of your type
  • Unlimited Waves to say hello to others on the on the Aligned Signs website
  • Unlimited Favorite Others for referencing on the Aligned Signs website
  • Unlimited Receive and Reply to Email messages from other subscribers 
  • Unlimited Connection Building with other subscribers
  • Unlimited Number of Full Searches
  • Unlimited messages to send to members you are interested in connecting with
  • Ability to explore all Personality result types for better understanding
  • Ability to find out best fit compatible personality identifier types for Chinese Zodiac, Western Astrology, and MBTI® tool
  • Specify which identifiers (i.e.: Astrology, Zodiac, etc.) and personal preferences by which you would like suggestions for linking with others
  • Ability to populate your personal profile with interests, background, personal views, and hobbies
  • Option to upload multiple photos and share information about yourself on your profile
  • Explore tips and advice on being healthy in mind, body, and spirit in the blog
  • Learn about events
  • Explore the gift shop
  • Get some helpful resources
  • Accessible Aligned Signs website, social networking applications
  • Remove/hide members you're not interested in from your search results in order to make room for other possibilities

Much more!

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