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Do You Really Know Yourself? 

By getting in touch with who you are, you’ll be better equipped to connect with individuals who bring out the best in you. Being vulnerable (which means putting yourself at risk for attack) is the first step—it’s scary, uncomfortable, but worth the possibility. 

To discover our genuine selves, we must not only uncover the beauty and attractiveness in character, but our shortcomings and weaknesses as well. It is only when we experience the freedom to be ourselves are we able form deeply invigorating connections in networking, friendships, and romance.

Self-awareness leads to acceptance and then honest confidence, which, in turn, opens up new worlds and new horizons to explore. Your relationships will be more fulfilling, profound, and enriching. You’ll find yourself having more empathy and/or commonality with your counterparts—which are based on definitive cognizant influences. 

With these amazing and essential tools available—Chinese Zodiac, Western Astrology and the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment, there is a greater chance that these connections will evolve into thriving, enduring, and satisfying relationships that will last a lifetime.

Take a short mock-up quiz based on the MBTI® tool below! Then, share and compare!

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